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January 25, 2018
February 2, 2018


                  European Development Days 2018 (EDD 2018) Young Leaders Programme (Fully Funded to Brussels, Belgium) Application Deadline: 2nd March 2018 The European Development Days 2018 – 5-6 June 2018 Brussels, Belgium Are you playing an active role in the fight for gender equality and women empowerment at the local, national or regional level? Do you want to share your vision of the future with other influential development actors? The time has come to make your voice heard: Apply for the Young Leaders Programme and grab the chance to be invited to Brussels to share your ideas!
                    The European Commission is inviting young people from around the world to play an active role in this year’s EDD. The EC are looking for 15 extraordinary young people aged 21-26 who can represent the powerful impact that youth are having in the development field. The Young Leaders Programme will consist of a 10-day visit to Brussels, where Young Leaders will meet EU experts, stakeholders and play a leading role in the EDD Programme, which will include speaking in various session alongside global leaders. Protecting and Investing in the world’s women Participants will discuss how to empower women and girls so that they have more control over their lives, an improved access to quality education and skills, health and other services, to finances, economic activity and to decent employment, while amplifying the voices and participation in decision-making of girls and women across the globe. Since 2006, the EDD has brought together some of the most influential and committed actors working to promote sustainable development and solve the development challenges facing the world today.
                    EDD 2018 aims to continue the global discussion and promote the policies and goals of the European Commission on international development. Special attention will be given to youth participation and exchanges of views among and with young leaders.
  • In the spirit of this year’s theme, gender equality and the empowerment and engagement of women and girls in sustainable development, 15 young people between the ages of 21 and 26 will be selected to represent their generation during the development sector’s European event of the year.
  • Young leaders are selected based on their exceptional skills, past experience and passion toward the goals set forth by the European Commission.
  • These young leaders will visit EU institutions, debate with development policy-makers and participate in a variety of workshops surrounding the topics and themes of this year’s European Development Days.





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