2019 Facebook Accelerator London For Startups Deadline – October 18, 2019

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Facebook Accelerator London (LDN_LAB) runs a 12-week programme to support talented startups who are building technology to create impact at scale.

LDN_LAB is a dedicated space for startups, located in our London Rathbone office. They leverage the knowledge and experience within Facebook to support the most impactful technology startups across the UK, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

For this programme they are especially interested in those on a mission to expand digital connectivity around the globe.


At Facebook, they’re driven by building new experiences that meaningfully improve people’s lives today and set the stage for even bigger improvements in the future. We can’t do this alone. We’re looking for startups building technology to create positive impact at scale.

Focus on Connectivity

For this programme, they’re issuing a special call to those working to improve internet connectivity. To help bring people online to a faster internet, Facebook Connectivity is dedicating resources to help startups who are building solutions to longstanding connectivity barriers, such as;


  • A significant percentage of the world lack the infrastructure available to access the internet, and get online


  • Even with internet coverage, a large part of the population are unable to afford data and/or devices


  • They know there’s a significant struggle for many to find or become aware of content on the internet that is relevant.


  • There’s a lack sufficient digital literacy to engage online, and we’re eager to solve this.
  • Please note: LDN_LAB still welcome applications from startups creating impact outside of the connectivity theme.

Programme Dates

Part 1: Monday 18th November – Friday 13th December

Part 2: Monday 6th January – Friday 28th February

You will need to be available for the bootcamps at LDN_LAB on the following dates;

Bootcamp 1 : 18th – 22nd November

Bootcamp 2: 6th – 10th January

Bootcamp 3: 24th – 28th February



  • LDN_LAB’s pool of employees act as specialised mentors. They include product managers, data scientists, marketers, recruitment specialists, engineers, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Training & Workshops

  • They will run 3 bootcamps in London, which include practical workshops in product, engineering, growth, and impact. Startups working to improve digital connectivity will receive travel sponsorship.

Office Space

Free office space at LDN_LAB, based in the heart of our Facebook office.

Facebook Products and Technologies

  • They have a family of products and technologies geared to help your business grow, and we have deep expertise in connectivity technology.

Community and Connections

  • Become a part of a vibrant startup and developer community. Access our rich network of global operators, industry and government partners.


  • They’ve partnered with world-class organizations to bring you the best network and advice. This includes Facebook Connectivity, our division for improving internet connectivity, and Founders Intelligence, a global network of leading tech entrepreneurs and investors.


  • LDN_LAB is looking for companies that are harnessing the power of technology to have a transformative impact on the world.
  • They welcome startups across all impact themes and particularly favour those working to improve digital connectivity barriers. We will have special provisions in place for connectivity startups that are not based in the UK.
  • They can accommodate remote participation; however, we require all startups in the programme to attend 2 – 3 bootcamps in London.

Eligible Regions: UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.


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